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Welcome to the Student Wellbeing Service- raising concerns about a student form, where anyone can raise concerns about an Aberystwyth University student. However, If you are a student wanting to access support for yourself please complete our Student Wellbeing Registration Form available at:

• English link:

• Welsh link:

In the interest of students accessing the most appropriate support in the timeliest manner, please see crisis information below.

The Wellbeing Service is unable to offer an emergency service or crisis support. If someone is feeling actively suicidal or there are concerns for their immediate safety or that of others please contact:

  • Your local GP for an urgent appointment: 
  • 111
  • Local Accident and Emergency Department
  •  Dial 999
  • The Samaritans: Telephone: 116 123 (24 hrs a day, 7 days a week)
  • Welsh Language Line: 0300 123 3011 (7pm- 11pm only, 7 days a week)

Data Privacy and Confidentiality

You can find information about Data Privacy and Confidentiality and information sharing on:

The below web link offers a statement which explains how the University handles and uses a your personal information during your time as a student:

The below webpage is your guide to how we record, safeguard and use the information we hold on you.

If you have any queries, please contact or 01970 621761/622087.

Please also provide your consent to the processing of personal information as described in the Student Wellbeing Services Department Data Privacy Statement for Personal and Sensitive Personal Data:

1.1. I confirm that I have read the Student Wellbeing Services Department Data Privacy Statement for Personal and Sensitive Personal Information and I consent to the terms. Required
2.2. Which of the following best describes you? Required
a.2.a. If you are a staff member and  you have reasonable grounds for concern that a student's safety is imminently at serious risk, then you are under a duty of care to share your concerns and the relevant student details with the appropriate services (although best practice is to try to obtain students' agreement). The Wellbeing Team is an appropriate service and will take the next steps to safeguard students. However, if you are not concerned that students are at serious and imminent risk, we recommend that you obtain their  consent either verbally or in writing before making a referral to us. In this case, we will email them to let them know what support is available. It is our policy not to share the source of the referral. If you do not have the student's consent, you can email us at and a duty practitioner can contact you to provide general advice. You can expect an email from us witin 1 working day to let you know that a practitioner has acted on your submission, although we will not share confidential details with you. If you have concerns over a student's fitness to attend, please see the separate guidance on this.
b.2.b. If you are not a staff member, you can share your concerns with us and we will keep your identity confidential unless you say otherwise. We recommend that you seek the student's consent where this is practical. If you share information that leads us to believe that someone is at imminent risk of serious harm, then we will follow our safeguarding policy. Otherwise, we will email them to let them know how they can access our support. You should expect a reply from us within 1 working day to say that a practitioner has acted on your submission, although we are obliged by GDPR legislation to withold any details about  what action we have taken.